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Mauritania – new projects in Ayoun area

“Every Rain Drop from Heaven Creates a Fountain of Hope on Earth”

Donations for the village of Neuke, Mauritania

Ayoun, Mauritania, the geographical coordinates are 16° 57′ 6″ North, 9° 38′ 6″ West it is the capital of the Hodh El Gharbi region.
The governor of this region is Abdallah Cheikh (fotos below, click to enlarge), one of the youngest Governors of Mauritania. We met several years ago, and became good friends. I asked of the situation in his region and learned about the lack of clean water..the area is flooded every year, creating major problems for the people. After contacting a Rotary Club in Wales and Nottingham, we have been able to donate 1,000+ individual life straws and several family water filtration systems. In the first photo you see the Governor of Ayoun where he has just been presented with  one of our donated Water filtration systems. Just hours after the foto, these were taken to one rural village which was suffering  disease due to lack of clean drinking water. We have also setup other programmes e.g. to support the village of Neuke (it’s approx. 100km from the border between Mauritania and Mali) and hope to continue to develop our programmes in Mauritania.

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