Hi there,

Are you looking for somewhere to visit next year? Do you want to help our people here in mali? You can do both, just contact us.

Some of our accommodation is outside, but comfortable foto’s 1,2 : this one is our Hymer (Spelled wrong I guess..)

We can take you on a 2 day mini Safari to our Baoule National Park takes about 4 hours to get there. It’s only about 70 kms with rough bush route. Check out our footprints -pawprints then- (Foto 3, 4) and hippo prints (Foto 5)!! Minkeys large cats and hippos plus smaller bush cats are possible to see (Foto 6).

6. Scenery in wich you can see hippo’s, minkey cats and bush cats

Beautiful walks and scenery to enjoy a wonderful diversion from daily routine (Foto 7). Our small camp site (Foto 8).

Sleep outside under the stars. the suns goes down (Foto 9), a last look back before returning to villageventures centre in Diema (Foto 10) and if you check out our other fotos you can see we always have man

y projects for you to get involved with…

Hope we have given you a taste of mali in the raw.
(Click the foto’s to see them larger)

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