Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 24, 2011

5 pictures for you

Good morning,

A few fotos from this past weekend, as you see we have been busy.

Foto 1: Donations of medicines were distributed to Cana, Tingari and the diema Clinics.

Foto 2: You can see the family life straw kit allowing 18000 litres of water to be filtered. As we only have very few we dediced to donate one to each of our clinics. This in case of a problem with dirty water, we had an outbreak of Cholera in one village in august we thought this may help should such a problem occur in another area.

Foto 3: A fulani lady with twins comes for medicine to help the babies, and also clean water to drink.

Foto 4: A few students outside Madiga school… these children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the XOs from OLPC so they can learn about computor skills and our Global village..we have 127 students in one class..80 in another and 90 in the 3rd class..tooooo many per class but no option at this time. At least they are in school and not roaming around..

Foto 5: Our principal from Madiga School Eric Dakouo, a very good man, work’s hard and is also looking forward to working with the OLPC programme in the school. Thank you again for your support.


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