Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | November 4, 2011

Japanese visiting the fulani family

We have been very busy..not too busy to take a few fotos for our blog though.

Foto 1: this is the latest baby to be given the name of “pam”, can’t count how many we have now here in the area of Diema..scary really..

Foto 2: Pam is on the right and inaldo is on the left, this little girl can walk now, I am so happy. She almost died last christmas, but is on the mend.

Foto 3: Our japanese volunteers stayed for 7 days and enjoyed working as well as visiting several villages and one school.

Foto 4: Life in the raw. Inaldo sits alone in a half built Hymer, fulani home.

Quick update on the ducks, all are alive and doing well. 30 of them right now, we are awaiting the arrival of our guinea fowls now!! More news to follow.

Temperature is around 46 today..was 47 a couple of days ago..and the rains have finished.
(Click the foto’s to see them bigger)


  1. Wonderful!

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