Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 17, 2012


The write up on the Festival in the News said that 300 tourists made it to the Festival..Well Done to everyone for making it incidents..brilliant..the sad thing is thatwe could have had 1,000s there if not for the negativity of the world press..
There is always a wonderful atmosphere in a unique venue.. you should tink about it next year..
we had VIP treatment all the way..I did take 2 visitors with me, one Myke from US, he wanted to broadcast Mali music so we took him around to see what our locals had to was wonderful.he came here using couchsurfing programme, left in ore of what he saw, heard, and the fear from negative comments about Mali had long left his mind..Emily from Budapest was our volunteer who had been hear from 3weeks, she also loved the way she was taken such good care of both here and in Toumbouchtou
I know that both will be doing their own blog on it so look out and read what people who actually come here have to say about Mali.. Fotos will follow

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