Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | June 29, 2012

a quick update

So sorry its been some time now since I wrote a blog..I have been so busy creating an awareness around europe of our plight in Mali that once I landed….I felt totally exhausted and was in great need a I feel much better.

I guess everyone is wondering what of Mali Now..With all the problems we are facing..its so sad..I am hoping that we can resolve this problem soon.. but until there is a Leader..a good President sworn in then we are in Limbo..
I feel particularly concerned as I work to support people in Mali.. and find it hard to sit outside looking in at the present time.. I want to be involved to try and help somehow, but its not easy to know for the time being I am continueing with my presentations in eurpoe and filling my vehicle ready for the journey and I will drive at least into the end of August..

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us (Village Ventures) over the years and especially over the past few months..

We now have a good link with Italian(Many have already been to Mali and seen the work we are involved with) hopefully they will help us find funds for wells for those without clean water in our area as well as for women organisations who are desperately trying to help themselves via peparing gardens .. its not an easy task because first they need fencing before they can prepare and till the ground..but many are hoping we can support heres hoping..

A new association named the League of Gentlemen..based in Spain have been in touch with me.. again several of these men have been to Mali and seen the situation.. they are hoping to build a new library for us.. it has to be next year now as we have so many problems in the country..but we are excited about it.. Land has already been sourced. It will be wonderful for the children.

We are now a partner/association of AHU from Hungary, we first met when the Budapest to Bamako Rally came to Diema..we are so grateful for their input and support.
We are still hoping that the Rally will come in January next year.. all depends once more on the situation of Mali.

I need to thank friends of mine from Delft and Leiden who helped prepare a simple but effective leaflet to distribute to interested parties.  There are others who would prefer not to be mentioned.. I am extremely grateful to all for their own contributions..

Even today I will be going for a lesson on how to use the wood turning machine I bought to take to we can make useful items to sell, raising funds and allowing locals the opportunity to learn skills.

We are once again, very grateful for the time and skills of all who suport and encourage us to carry on..

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