Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | August 12, 2012

Salihou is doing a great job

Salihou called me a couple of times this week and tells me, that mambrooke, a village 30kms from the main town of Diema, has lots of water now..the womens well we prepared is full and now the women want us to provide seeds for them to plant.. He wanted to check with me, before buying a variety of seeds.. We are so pleased about this project as this village has really struggled.. Children in this area have only been eating one basic meal a day.. and that was in the evening after school.. It was hard to see them go to school with out food in their tiny stomachs..but over the past 2 years we have been able to send rice to them which has helped..Now we really hope that as they have a fenced of garden and a well they can feed the whole village more nourishing meals and next year we want them to set up a market garden..

There is a market some 10 kms away and they will be able to go there to sell their excess produce..

Salihou also told me that he had driven there in the 4×4 vehicle..and added that it was a very difficult journey because there has been lots of rain over the past few weeks and to reach these people is not easy..he managed. saying that he had to use the 4×4 system in the car.. another new experience he really enjoyed..and was proud of his new achievement…great!!!

We are very grateful to him for the work and support he gives to our programmes..

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