Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 26, 2012

The way things are

I am sorry not to have kept my blog up to date, I have been busy and

internet has been sporadic, luckily I have better contact for the

My visit to Mali has been much shorter this trip as I have many other
things to attend to over the next couple of months..but I am excited
to tell you that both Salihou and Eric have both decided to dedicate
themselves to working more on our projects and plan some new ones for
the near future including soap making.

We also have a volunteer at the centre her name is Viki and is from
Budapest..She has the opportunity of working in the local schools
helping encourage children to gain computer skills. For the moment she
has been to schools in Fanguni as well as in Tingary. She also is
helping with food preparations for our Feeding of the children 3 times
a week, and I hope she will be able to make a difference in their
lives as she sets up her own small programme with them. At the moment
they come and play football before and after they eat.

The photographs I added are just showing a few of the many donations
you give that are distributed to those we feel can benefit most.

There is one close up foto included of a young Fulani girl her name is
Pam…one of three Pams…we have one in mambrooke, one in Fanguni and
this one..scary really..

I guess many of you are wondering how things are in Mali right now..
There are no visible problems for the moment..The main change has been
with the customs department..they are becoming extremely tough and I
had a hard time myself on this last journey..apart from that I have
been able to travel freely from place to place.

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