Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | February 20, 2013


I was just trying to update the Villageventures facebook page but it froze..I see many people have been checking to see what we have been doing lately..
It would seem nothing ..according to the information on that page..but in reality I have had little time to add anything since before Christmas 2012 until now..

I need to begin with a massive Thankyou to participants of the BudapestBamako Car Rally for their kindness and support, their generosity and stamina, for driving thousands of miles to bring us donations, so that we in turn can pass on those donations to those who really need our help..

Since everyone parted company in Guinea Bissau.. Salihou and I began the long hardious trek back to the borders of Mali and Mauritania where we decided it was best to separate considering the troubles Mali has been facing of late..

I arrived in Nouachott a few days ago and as you will see by the photos have since been busy distributing all donated goods to Orphans, Handicapped, and those who we believed needed our support..

Salihou is still stranded on the Mali Border awaiting the exhoneration paper for the medicines donated via the Rally to both Villageventures in Diema and to a Clinic in Bamako..

Its been a very tough rough and expensive programme this year so far..we know it can only get better..

I am now going to post some of our latest photos..and as you will see the children are very happy..

God Bless all of you, I dont think you really know what good you do when you take on this journey, you bring joy and happiness to so many.. its a pity you cant all get to see it.. as your schedule is tight..I just hope the few fotos show a little of what you have achieved..

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