Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | March 23, 2013

Volunteers arrived in Mali; situation quiet

We are so thrilled to know that our Italian volunteers have just landed in Nouachott and will be heading over to one of the  Orphanages we are working with in the next couple of days.. so they can see where they can help.. photos will be added once we receive them..
The situation in Mali seems to be quiet right now..but the borders are a real problem for us..
Its been 4 weeks now since Salihou and Abli tried to return to Diema with donated medicines and a vehicle..
They had to wait for 1 week to get the exhoneration paper for the vehicle.. that was quick…apparently.
Salihou then decided he had to leave the car as it was full of donated medicines which we hadn’t an exhoneration paper for.
We sent our Senator Manaha to the Ministers office in Bamako to arrange for this paper, we had no problem being allowed the paper but it took more than a week to get the paper signed.
Last week Abli went back to Bamako.350 km one way to make an appointment to go and collect it.
Next is the other long journey back to the Border of Mali/Senegal 600kms to then drive the car plus medicines back to Diema.
Its been a real Nightmare and all to donate and support this ailing country…how are they going to move forward.
We have wasted so much time and money this year to serve and help these people.. if only they could see, how hard it is to try helping them, get back on their feet again.

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