Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | August 6, 2013

Solar Panel Radio Station

We are very excited right now as we have had a donation of a Solar Panel and Radio Station for Diema.It is waiting for me to collect it..this next plan is to take it to Diema during December or January 14.

We have great plans for at present the radio that is based there, basically covers all political aspects of news.

I believe it is important that the people of Diema..The International Crossroads of Mali, have the opportunity to gain knowledge, learning more skills.
So we hope to have podcasts which cover a variety of areas including
Womens issues
Childrens stories
Real Life stories

If you have any skills in this area we would love to have your imput.

Will keep you updated.


  1. Congratulation Pat ! I am pleased to hear that your dream is becoming true 🙂 Having the technical facilities I do hope you will find soon skilled supporters. Good Luck for you and your wonderfull team ! Emily form Hungary

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