Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 7, 2014


I want to share an experience with you all, this took place on sunday morning around 10am.

It had been a cold night, so was pleased when the sun rose around 8;30 am to warm my body.
I started my drive, leaving Layounne which is in the Sahara Desert, heading for Dakhla, a peninsular 400 Kms from the border of Mauritania.
It was just me alone with my thoughts I had a little pressure as my rear brakes had started grating, so needed replacing really, as soon as possible.
Other thoughts of when I would arrive in the Capital of Nouachott, and when I would visit the Orphans, all were swimming through my mind;;

There was no one else on the road at that time, until I spotted a tramp walking on the road, quickly I had driven by him, then thought again.
Surely I had something in my car to give him..should I turn back..

Of course I had to,
I gave him very little a packet of biscuits, the last piece of my nibbled bread, some oldish milk, still drinkable and soap from our donations.Then asked if I could take his photo..If you cant see the Photo now it will be added later..
He was so happy biscuits up in the air as I took the picture;Then I offered him some money, he refused.

Just then I learned a big lesson, money is nothing, food and drink, and to feel there is something more than the desolation of wandering in the desert alone, unkempt and uncared for..God does care and I felt it too that day..


  1. Such simple things we take for granted can mean the world to others x

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