Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 8, 2014


My mechanic arrived to change the brakepads yesterday morning and I was really happy for that..But then he said we have to go into town to check we buy the correct ones.. I didnt want to go…I know how people drive here in the capital of mauritania…horrendous..
Anyway this time there was no other option..
Arrived at the”boutique” for brakes, bought and replaced the old ones.The heat was intense, couldnt wait to get out of it. .but I forgot now it was 1pm and every where cluttered with vehicles..Every road I serned to enter was either clogged with cars or we had to climb sand banks on streets with no tarmac..
At a point I had no option Id entered a main road only to find my self trapped in the most horrendous of road blocks..Cars were squeezing into crazy places.mounting pavements..even bangi g into other cars to get by took an hour plus to do a short journey back to the house. .What a relief to find my own car still intact…pleased to have brakes…and boy did I need them..
One reason so many problems is because…shops are situated in one concentrated area …
But the government are going to do a replan of the towns shops but that will take time and money..
Next trip in there it will be by taxi…Id like to keep my car in o e piece..

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