Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 20, 2014

1,500 Bricks all ready to be Transformed

Its been busy, as always there is lots to do out here; especially as we are now commencing with our special programme , that of building a small Auberge.
All the bricks are ready, we begin this morning? sand and gravel? cement is on its way by donkey and cart. We are hoping by tomorrow evening to have 2 huts almost finished. We have 2 Masons and 2 labourers each team. So we hope there is an element of good fun and competition to build the best Huts around.
For the moment we are building 4 good sized Huts. its the limit of our budget. Will extend later when and if funds permit.
So you can start checkiing flights to Bamako to come and visit our programmes any time from November. Looking forward to showing you the villages surrounding this town. Many of us think we have so little , come and see what so little really means.

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