Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 31, 2014


I just have to write as I am furious with the press..
I had a call from my Son last night, telling me to come home as there is a press release stating that Ebola is Sweeping across Mali.. ITS NOT TRUE..
I have our press correspondant here with me right now I have also contacted Manaha Konte whe is the Conserge National for our area, who is at present with the Presidents committee in Bamako. All confirm there is no problem here .
In fact I feel I need to go further and state the Mali should be praised for the containment of a situation which could have developed into something more serious 10 days ago when a little girl died travelling along with her grandmother from Guinea Konakri to Dakar, when she was found to be ill and in Kayes was taken to hospital where she died. It is said she died of Ebola, but luchily her grandmother and all passengers on the bus are still alive and have been
quarantined for 21 days until the incubation period has passed.So far no sign of illness amongst those passengers has been found.
I also need to add that the Frontiers are open.
Its so sad that we have to create sensationalism.

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