Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | November 4, 2014

Proposed Projects and Donations

Although I am very much concentrating on the Auberge right now? we have been able to make a few donations already..
The Press correspondant for Diema, who notifies Bamako the Capital of all News and views here.. was in desperate ned of a computor so we gave him a small one and he also needed a camera, luckily we had a spare one. So he is now a very happy man and will be able to transfer photos of Events etc; taking place in and around our 152 villages.
The Womans Assosiation in Dampa,asked us for a donation of a hand sewing machine, we are very pleased to supply one for theyre needs.
Photos of donations will follow.. Not sure when though.depending as to when I go to Bamako.

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