Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 31, 2015

Childrens playground realized

A quick update from Mali and Mauritania.
I have wanted to have a children’s playground for 3/4years in Mali and finally we have it.
Its been interesting to watch the children learn how to use this simple equipment..
They just love it…I have a video but it can’t be forwarded.
I’m so grateful to all those who make it possible for me to share some small things with our children here..
We also had a New year party for them  last week as I was in UK when I normally have a Christmas party for everyone.
On this occasion everyone had sandwiches, biscuits, sweets, watermelon, pen and a small gift..
Again please thank everyone for they’re kindness in supporting our programmes here..
Right now I am expecting the car rally from to arrive with a donation of an ambulance for Kiffa in Mauritania.. A motorbike ambulance for our programme in Mali.. A solar irrigation system for one of our poorest villages ..mambrooke..12 laptops to be donated to our exercise books pens and pencils which will go to each of our 16 schools..
Its an incredibly busy time for me..I’m just so grateful for the strengths afforded to me to do this work..
(click on the images for a larger view)

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