Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | May 27, 2015

Why our new solar powered water pump stopped working

I have to tell you how thrilled I am with my two chiefs Salihou and Eric, who monitor our programmes whilst I return to Europe to try and raise an awareness and funds to continue our projects.

An email was received from Salihou a couple of weeks ago telling us that our new solar powered water pump had stopped…
Andras, one of the incredible guys from Austria, who installed it, suggested it be switched of and several points checked..
Its a village 30kms from the town centre.Yet Salihou went to check it only to find when he raised the pump that a length of rope, dropped in the well at some point, had been sucked into the pump and had blocked it.
I am so grateful to him for going over there and using his engineering skills to set the pump in order.
How also needs to be said that both of these local Village Ventures chiefs are two of our volunteers and receive no payment for they’re efforts..The reward they have though, is that of serving the poorest within their own community..
At present we are trying to raise funds for both of these team members to visit the UK not only to say thank you for their tremendous efforts, but so they can better appreciate the effort we all go to to deliver much needed supplies to assist in the poverty alleviation programme of Mali.

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