Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | June 15, 2015

Fund raising in Castleton

Pat and Muriel have raised £270 toward our much needed fund raising for this season,by opening their home as an eco garden this past weekend and selling cakes along side home made soup and roll..its wonderful to raise so much from one event
Thank you for supporting us..God Bless.

The wall hanging/scarf is totally made by hand using cotton and natural paints.

The cotton wall hanging is made by weaving 2 metre long lengths of cotton thread..a long process…once the weaving is finished it can be sewn to create a cloth to this case it’s two lengths sewn together.
The darker colours are made from varying layers of clay that have been made into a thin paint like substance.
The red colour is made from grinding down dried roots into a powder form with water added..
The yellow colour is made from dried leaves, again ground into a powder.
The animal  painted on it on it has symbolic meaning which the President of Mali gives to those who serve his country and its people.
It’s a little similar to receiving an OBE here in the UK.
Hence the reason our two magnificent ladies have the scarf draped around their necks.
There are no words to offer for the sacrifice of time, talent  energy, love and  devotion they give to every task they take on.
Incredible ladies. God Continue to Bless you with added Strengths and courage.
You are great examples of how we each should strive to follow our Saviour and serve his children around the world.



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