Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 3, 2015

Mauritania and Village Ventures

This season I looked a little closer at the poverty found throughout Mauritania.

Last year the rally from BUDAPEST donated an ambulance to us, and we in turn gave it to Kiffa as they only had one ambulance with a huge population.
We donated it via the orphanage we support, and because of this all orphans now receive any treatment necessary gratis..

I saw then many areas which needed assistance, so it was decided that I do something more to help.

We bought 2 sewing machines locally for Kiffa plus for more for fabric for their first sales.
We then donated our generator to help the flooded areas and intend to send 2 of our solar panels over from Mali.. As there is also a problem with electricity in Gubeni..were there are 15,000 inhabitants..

We also gave donations of clothes health kits to the sarakole village situated within the kubeni area as they had suffered the worst of the floods.

I needed to write this blog so everyone understands that we try to make each donation may not see photos of all we give, but we are all ever grateful to you for supporting us, and those receiving your donations begin to see that there are many in this world who do care, share, give a little light relief to some of the hardest hit areas we see along our journey.

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