Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 13, 2015

My little Inaldo

I had to go and look for Inaldo, as I haven’t seen her for 6 months..
The family were too far in the bush at that time.
Luckily the family moved a little closer to the town.
I arrived at their humble dwelling and asked for her, she was out tending to the goats and lambs..she held a stick high above her arms as a shepherd boy would do, a young matted ,small thin and feeble looking, but with a strong will and mind.
She saw me and didn’t want to come to me…I think she remembers the time, when I took her to hospital and she was happy..I disappointed her because I had no option but to let her go back into the bush and the Fulani family she knows..
It’s so sad to see this young girl being so mistreated and neglected, and at present I am still unable to take her from the family..
I hope next year I am able to help change her life somehow..
At a point she came and shook my hand I gave her some small gifts and then offered her bread..she couldn’t have moved any quicker to take it from desperate it seems she was to have something other than the basic millet she and others eat daily..
You can see in this photo I just managed to snap as she eagerly put the bread to her mouth.
Life is so tough ..out in that harsh arid desert.
It’s a privilege for me to share a little..
Again its thanks to you all..

If you already received this mail already..I apologise.. As I look at the photo again It touches me.
We have so much…..

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