Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | November 8, 2015

Meet a few a Village Ventures Africa Volunteer team

These are some of Village Ventures Volunteer team.
From left to right..
Manaha… his full time job is as The Senator of Diema..he works with our programmes, and was so looking forward to setting up our radio station that was recently stolen..We hope to find another over the next few months.

Abduli… Is also a volunteer.. He is standing for our Mayoral position this year in the local Elections

Salihou… His job is as the Secretary General du la Conserge.. He is my local Chief of Village Ventures in Mali along with Eric Diako who is not present on this photo as he was working..He is a teacher in the town of Madiga.

Buarri is on the right of the photo and he is the towns Librarian, as well as our volunteer..

I’m grateful to these individuals who care enough to work voluntarily to assist in the poverty alleviation programme in Diema.

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