Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 25, 2016

On The Move

Its that time of year when the rains are coming to an end and I feel able to drive, carrying donations to those who seem to me to be in the greatest of need.

Its not an easy task by any means, deciding whose needs are greater than another.
I just do my best to share those donations you all spent time making, or perhaps you bought items and made up health kits, or donated funds. All are utilised the best possible way.

Nouachott haspeople begging on almost every traffic stop, its so hard to give to one and not the others..

So we give to orphanages in Mauritania, we bring and buy sewing machines to donate to groups of around 10 women, giving them chance to learn, earn, buy food for their children and build up relationships, so these women can encourage one another.
Maybe one day they will gain strenghts to stand up as a group of women for their rights…


  1. Hi Pam,have a safe drive! Take care!

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