Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | July 4, 2017

Charity Concert July 14 in Chesterfield

This is just quick update on our programmes this season.

On Saturday 14 July at Chesterfield Library Theatre Derbyshire England we are holding a Multi Cultural Charity Concert in aid of our latest Cataract Surgery Programme taking place during November or early December.
In the concert we have a full programme, including, Flutists, pianist, soloist, quintessential, Sosa-Xa singing a variety of South African music.
It’s going to be a great night.. look forward to seeing you there..

Some of our other programme’s are as follows…
As always we are looking for second hand laptops..we donate these to local schools enabling youth chance to gain It skills as well as a greater knowledge.
Sewing Machines.
We also are taking more sewing machines, perfect for the women folk, who enjoy learning new skills.They also have the opportunity to earn a living, at least being able to feed their children..
School kits.
Our school kits donation programme is now in its second season.
We want to encourage young children to go to school, and by giving them just the most basic of implements. I believe lives will change, many will get an education they may never have had.
We’re so grateful to you all for your continuing support for our work in Africa.

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