Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 29, 2017

Tough n rough

Another story…you know Mali is the country that for centuries has been recognised for story telling the world over.So my story today is of a rough and tough area in Mali..namely Diema..
It’s still rainy season, so its normal to have many mosquitoes..
Obviously I m the new blood in town,so get to be bitten frequently.
I scratch until I feel I’ve taken the sting out of my bites, but then the flies take a hold and will nibble where the mosquitoes have already been..that is if I’m not watching..and I’m afraid it’s often..
It’s a fight in the mornings to fit in any work we need to do, because although it’s rainy doesn’t always rain..instead we have an intense heat beating down on us from 8 am..for example the other day my car was in the sun until 11 am the temperature was 50c..
Imagine trying to do anything in that sort of heat..
Yow!! Every day it’s extra tough if the rain doesn’t come and even tougher when it does..why, well it just doesn’t rain it’s like a whirlwind at first then the monsoon’s merciless.
But then this is life in the bush of Africa..

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