Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 9, 2017

They’re arriving already for Cataract operations..still 2 weeks to wait….

Wow!!I knew this programme was important, but didn’t realise how important to these people it really is….
Over the past few days as people are coming to hear of this programme, individuals from various tribes are arriving at my place..Dammer who worked for me many years ago as our guardian, has gradually lost his sight and came last week. Showing me papers asking to be put on the list..not wanting to be missed from seeing the DRS.
Another Fulani young man arrived this morning, only speaks Fula language, but again determined to have the chance to be one of the first to see the Drs……..
It’s easy to understand how vital this wonderful opportunity is for these people, some of the poorest in the world. They seem to be dogged by so many incredibly difficult situations …. Including the weather with horrendous temperatures reaching 57 some days..then the monsoon rains…bringing lakes of water where mosquitoes breed, causing serious illness and even death..
Frequent raging and howling winds many times overturning the fragile Fulani dwellings…losing any possession they may have…then there’s drought …with no water people have to source whatever they can from remaining puddles of clay/ water, de
Disease spreading rapidly, with lack of water for families, the animals also begin to die… the Quella bird’s arrive looking for food and eat what remains of the millet in the fields..the local staple diet that all villagers have struggled to plant earlier in the season…. Many of these tribal nomadic people, live under some of the harshest conditions anywhere on earth.

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