Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 23, 2020

Issues of bad Diesel

Last season I struggled to write on this website, as I encountered some really difficult times.My beautiful automatic car had a few issues and was enventually burned out.
It was quite stressful and it took time before I felt comfortable again.
Amazing that losing a car to fire can cause such stress.
It al began on my way to Diema in September.

I knew something wasn’t quite as it should be but the car moved reasonably.
It was on my way back in Morocco that it suddenly went to a good garage where diagnostics tested it ..Bad diesel had been put into the engine.
I needed to buy new injectors..waited for new ones to arrive from Casa Blanca..paid a good price for repairs, list 60 litres of diesel.
After 2/300 Kms again I had issues.
In Meknes it went again to mechanics…after 2 days if waiting patiently, was advised,the car would get me to Spain…
Within 10 mins of leaving his garage, my car was on fire thankfully I’d decided to use the toll road.
Had I been anywhere else it would have been much worse.
I was able to get out of the car before it burst into flames.
So excuse me for not adding information on our last season’s progress.
And a word if warning there are many people who are trying to make money from selling bad diesel. So always go to a reputable fuel station.

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