Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 29, 2020

Burning of tyres…… Our environmental responsibility….any volunteers to help??

Hi Pam,

We spoke about this and there are various solutions available ranging from industrial till self-made. For us to investigate this further we would need to have an idea about the size of the issue. The scale of the issue will determine the solution required determining the funds needed.

I know that Diema is a cross road of buses, trucks and cars so potentially you would need a scalable solution. Obviously the government, community and even the tyre industry can’t be happy to see tires getting burned. They might want to engage and help find a solution so to initiate anything we would need to have some estimate.

I can ask Togonon to help but he would require somemoney to travel to Diema.

Togonon is currently putting together a feasibility study for us on plastics.

Hope this helps


On Tue, 28 Jan 2020 at 17:05, Village Ventures <villageventures> wrote:

We’re confronted every week with tyre burning here in this area.Everyone is talking climate change…issues of global warming, garbage clean ups..
We, in Africa desperately need a strong team of environmentalists ..I wonder if a group could come together, assist me in taking on this mighty challenge of plastic waste and tyre burning……

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