Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 19, 2020

Coronovirus and Mali……

We are all living through incredibly difficult times, unpresidented in the world.I feel particularly concerned, for, not only do I have two lives, but two families.
As I have been confined to barrack’s..
I mean I have to follow the UK’s programme which is vital for our well being, it’s still tough.
Especially as I need to monitor, not only my programme in Mali, but he sure to support my extended family out there.
The Coronovirus is horrendous in all of Europe and most of the world, only Africa seems to be managing for the moment.
It doesn’t make it any easier for me…
As I know our area with its population of more than 200,000 inhabitants, will really struggle should this virus arrive there.
Fir the moment we have NO VENTILATORS or masks for the population.
I’m going to be discussing with Eric and Manaha the possibility of them organising a tailor/ machinist who will begin making face masks, just in case.
Meanwhile I am trying to source at least one ventilator.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we pray for the safety and protection of everyone especially those who continue to support us..
God Bless
Stay Safe


  1. Oh how heart-rending for you Pam, I know all the people I help are safe as I can stay intouch with them through Whassap even if I can’t see them.
    Maybe this is a well-eaned rest for you? I know I hadn’t stopped for years,and my “tyres” were abit thread-bare!
    Praying this wretched bug won’t reach your village and that you won’t need ventilators. With all that you have put into place already can’t they fabricate their own masks?

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