Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | May 23, 2020

150 masks distributed…with more than 1000 to follow….

How blessed we truly are here in the UK, although it’s tough, painful, difficult to understand how we come to be in this unprecedented lockdown situation of global proportions…we do need to look a little further than our shores.Many African countries are suffering far more, some have no equipment, or very little….
So in our area it was decided that we should at least give as many people as is possible a little protection via use of face masks.
150 were made and distributed, with more money sent ready for the next 1000.
It’s our intention to continue making masks over the next few weeks, we believe they are vital, in helping stop the spread of the virus in our area.
We are so grateful to all who contribute and continue to support us.
Many thanks
God Bless

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