Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 28, 2020

Saving Lives…..

I’m really remiss in not updating the website as often as I should, but it doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my Charity programme, on the contrary, I’m always working on various things to support those in most need.After covering cost and organising the making of 1700 masks during our last lockdown, I have been desperately searching for any breathing apparatus for our hospital in Diema.
Whilst having a colleague check out various types of breathing apparatus, a discussion took place with the Director of our hospital..
I was shocked to hear that we are in great need of an X-ray machine.
So right now I’m looking at various websites selling second hand medical equipment in the hopes of funding something I portable as an option to take over there when go around Christmas.
Obviously we need it to save lives in our area…
My plea is…if anyone out there has any ideas of where I can buy a portable x-ray machine..please please make contact via our website…
Many thanks

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