Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | March 2, 2022

Western Sahara Donation

Earlier last month, after Morocco opened its borders for flights.I was finally able to travel to Western Sahara where I took a donation of an electric mixer for making cakes and pastries.
You see our programmes are based on self help, and we try to help set up projects for villages and families in Mali Mauritania and even some in Morocco.. Western Sahara in this case.
I know this family suffer as the eldest young man around 35 years old should be the bread winner, but has had no work for 4 years now.
His younger sister has been divorced and has 2 children, both in school, we’ve donated many school materials including laptops.

I learned that this mum of two, had no education whatsoever and took it upon herself to make certain her daughter had the very best education she could manage.
So this young student, leaves home in a morning for public school, mum cleans toilets in the local school to raise some little money to pay for extra evening classes.
Meaning that this young student studies from 8 am to 10 pm almost every day. Eating very little, as study takes up most of her time.

When I see a family such as this working so hard to give children the best start in life, it touches my heart, so..
I have encouraged them to set up their own business, baking, selling bread.
Hence the reason for taking the mixer to them.
Now they need another type of mixer, a large dough mixer and then they will be ready to open for business.
I proposed to assist again by raising £250 to wards the cost of this Machine.
But if you know of any one who has such a machine and would be willing to support this family..please contact me.

Thank you
And God Bless


  1. I’m so glad 😊 you’re safe & on your travels, & although I don’t know of any dough makers I’m sure someone shall, I’ll keep praying for this worthy heartfelt plea. God Bless You Pam & the family, may they prosper xx

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