Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | March 22, 2022

Your donations…

After just 2 days of being here on the border of Budapest and Ukraine, I’ve heard so many stories, seen many years, watched helplessly as everyone carries a suitcase a toy for the children .. Life on the move..No time to really think properly of what might be necessary…many coming just in clothes they stand-up in.
Some bringing pets, cats and dogs, others having to leave them behind.

I try to ask, if appropriate where they’re from,how many days did the walk..Fuel is not many vehicles on the roads.

Tears well, but they can’t be shown, but a hug, a smile a kind word.. we’re all here just wanting to ease the burden these people are suffering right now.
3/4 week ago they were all sitting as you and I, watching TV, doing daily chores cleaning their homes,children going to school..
Now nothing but a suitcase..

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