Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | May 3, 2022

A Report from Refugees from Ukraine…

As promised, here is a report on the beneficiaries of the donation so far.

As promised, here is a report on the beneficiaries of the donation so far.
Petr and Karina are a young couple who spent 4 days in our accommodation. They are now in Ireland, the husband has found a job and although it has not been easy, their accommodation has been sorted out. Here is their story, written by themselves:

We just started to create our little life in our hometown called Melitopol. Half a year ago we got married, I am a pharmacist – I worked in a pharmacy, and my husband was a trucking company in the city. We were given a one-room apartment for our wedding and we were happily building our lives. At one point, it was shattered by a very loud explosion that we heard at 5:40 a.m. on February 24. We went outside and heard and then saw rockets flying over our heads. All we thought at that moment was that we wanted to live, and our heart was racing out and our whole body was shaking. We left everything, our home, our job, our church, our friends and fled.
Our Melitopol is occupied by Russian troops, explosions are heard there from time to time, there are no medicines, it is very difficult to cash money and food prices are very high. People are no longer allowed out of the city, there are soldiers everywhere and machinery in every street.
In Hungary we met very kind people on our way. Anna, Stella and their colleagues, who were always ready to help in any minute. We are very grateful to everyone who had a hand in helping us. Thank you for providing us with lodging and food that was delicious! And a special thank you for the financial help(£250), it was very unexpected and incredibly nice for us! We were very surprised and amazed at how compassionate and sacrificial people are! Thank you for your help and care, we appreciate it very much and will never forget it! May God bless each and every one of you.

We were able to leave a substantial amount of money to the Salvation Army to carry on supporting those refugees who have great needs.
This is part of their report..
I have several other stories, that will be added during the coming days.. Thankyou again for allowing us to serve those people who have so little now…

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