Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 11, 2022

Blankets,food and warm clothes …

As I write this, Village Ventures Ukraine along with Tata our Ukranian refugee living in Spain is close now to the border of Ukraine taking much needed support in the way of blankets clothes for winter and lots of food items to give to those who will be suffering this cold winter..Already in some areas the temperature is begining to drop even to zero..
In winter time it can get to minus 20 in parts…
There are many people right now living in their homes without adequate heating..many with roofs bombed, others without windows..
I fear there may be many deaths as the icy cold weather sets in..
Thankfully Casas Ibanez and surrounding villages in Spain have given liberally so all these donations can be distributed amongst the most needy..
I want to thank La Cala Lions Club for their contributions of blankets and Clothes they gave which added to the overall donations..

Photos of where these items will be delivered will be posted later in the month..
Thankyou for your support..

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