Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 11, 2022

Western Sahara Rif Mountains and Donations for Ukraine..

It’s been a very busy 3 weeks..After visiting Layounne, tasting the bread from the Bakery of Mustapha, making pizzas and selling bread from the small shop was a really special treat for me.
I’m still awaiting photographs of the pizzas now being made…since I left.

From there I drove to the Rif Mountains and took our donations to people who never receive and support..they’re poor, but because they work the land they have eggs chickens and olives..each community has its own bread oven as well..
Will include photos..

I drove into Spain where I met with friends from La Cala Lions Club..
After explaining that Tata our refugee based in Casas Ibanez Albecete Spain was very busy raising funds, packing donations then planning to travel by mini bus to Ukraine..I was given many donations of blankets winter clothes as well as other necessary items for the cold winter ahead..

I’m very grateful that my prayers were answered, I was kept safe, my car managed to travel roughly 10,000 kilometres round trip, and I was able to take donations to several areas.

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