Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 7, 2011

first blog from Diema October 2011

Had an accident 3 weeks ago in spain, a car had stopped in front of me and I hit him..that simple..but the pain..severely bruised ribs, made for a difficult 8 day journey down here to Diema..mali.
Sean, friend of a friend offered to drive one vehicle for was a blessing in many ways..
On arrival in mali i lots of problems to deal with for the very first time, I found it tough to handle..with help of Diemas local government i made it here..Phew!!! the temperature is around we have had 5 rain storms, b ut no chance in the temp..
took me 4/5 days to recover from the journey and then took everything out of the cars..I searched and searched for 2 XOs donated by OLPC couldnt find them, I had already discussed the programme with one principle whose schoolis 25 Kms from Diema..
he arrived again yesterday hoping to see them…so we could set up the programme for the younger children in his area..wewere both disappointed..
I think in my pain i just didnt check my things properly and left them behind in spain..Iam extremely disappointed with myself and am trying many ways to get found and transported here..
but we are still going to set up the programme next week using the laptop I donated to the school..and will post fotos then…still tired and in a little pain..but by next week all should be back on track..

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