Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 14, 2011

14th oct update

Still sore to cough and sneeze but am on the mend..good job as there are many things on our project list to move forward.
last week we had a few bread making sessions..morrocain style..
We took our first sample of Neem oil.
we also used our old mangle to extract the juice of sugar cane.. another possible seasonal industry..
We made Ginger jam..bit loose..more like a sauce,but again another cottage Industry and very healthy one..
We prepared and donated clothing to the Roman Catholics and to our all religions Christian church.
other clothes are ready to dispatch to villages including gidgumaboughou my first village in the area.
Donations of medicine are awaiting collection by 4 of our local clinics.
We are making plans toarrange cometitions for school children to help with the cleaning up of the town and give each child a gift of school books.
Still have roofs to put on all our rooms before visitors arrive in November.. ,

Computor programme in underway.. at least plans are being set in motion for the arrival of 2 XOs childrens laptops.. our aim is to give our younger children the opportunity to learn computor skills but more than that they need to have the opportunity to gain world knowledge and these computors have been set up to allow young students to be educated in many subjects.. Primarily Mr. Eric Dakouo will spear head the project..he is the principal of one of the 3 schools based in Madiga, 25 kms from the centre of the main town of Diema. We chose this principal because of his committment to the children..He already has learned over the past 2 years how to use a have to know that here in this was Village Ventures only who brought in Laptops for schools and one for the library that was in 2006/7..
Now we have teachers and principal who have gained basic knowedge and others who are steamiing ahead..using Internet as time goes on we want to be able to link in with other schools via internet..I already have a school in Derby england awaiting the link up..
Will have another update in a couple of days.. I plan to go out to Madiga today or at least over the weekend and will attach a couple of fotos of the school children and the principal
So its an exciting time for our children to have chance to understand more about the world link in with other commmunities and learn to develop their untapped skills .. Thanks for tuning in …


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