Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 18, 2011

7 pictures for you

You have been sent 7 pictures. our own bush made bread
2.bringing the old mangle back to life as a juicer for sugar cane.. this was just a practice adjustments will be made..needs painting and a funnel attaching for the juice..will be good
3.our first XO principal..showing one of our students how to use the standard laptop we were able to donate 2 years
4.our Lbrarian, Salihou VV second and Eric the Principal of Madiga School 5.Thanks to Rotary in wales we were able to donate this family water filter thos morning to a family living way out in the bush..they do have a well but the water defineatley needs filtering..they are very grateful.
6.showing a family member how to use the filter.
7.This foto shows part of the family homestead

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