Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 16, 2011

plan of action for the 1st month of using 2 XOs

Good Afternoon

After a meeting with the Principal of Madiga School we decided to set up a 4 weeks plan of action.. using the 2 XOs.
Obviously the principal has not been able to see the laptops in action so far but after showing him my T shirt and the website he has a better idea of the contents..

The plan is as follows;
lessons are;
1. What is a computor, why use a computor, what information does it hold
2. Initiation ..understanding the basics of the laptop
3. Practice of alphabet with the keyboard
4. Numbers
5. operations using numbers..adding , subtraction
6. Practice of music
7. Share picture stories
8. Guided excersices..using internal activities

As we will have 2 periods using the computors, lessons will be on wednesday and thursday afternoon, allowing all children in the classes 5th and 6th form between the age of 10 and 12 years opportunity to work on the computors and gain much needed world knowledge, preparing them for upper schools..
Next week we will hear from our principal and his miles stones for the programme of the XOs

pam and eric the principal of madiga school

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