Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 19, 2011

” Hitch-hikers”

I was in the town 2 days ago when i was called to go home as visitors had just arrived..
2 young people were waiting for me,they came from Poland Hitch hiking..through Morroco, Mauritania and now into Mali..part of a challenge apparently..they should be heading into Senegal but for some reason they couldnt get a visa to enter so Mali was their next option..

They left Poland on the 8th November, met with many wonderful people enroute, and slept in their small tent …I asked how much they had paid for their transportsation thus far…nothing…nothing..only the cost of the ferry from spain to Tangiers..
No problems just wonderful wonderful people wanting to meet others of different cultures..

My question is how is it that now Mauritania and Mali are such dangerous countries …why dont we look at our own countries and say the same..there are more deaths unsolved in UK than ever in either of these countries..what has happened..!!
I feel very priviledged to have these 2 young people here, who decided to test the water for themselves..and find generous and beautiful people waiting to help them along the road..brilliant..!!well done!!

I could write more but will save it of another time..

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