Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 26, 2011

Christmas week

Happy christmas,

I wanted to give an update following our “hitch Hikers” visit. Foto 1 shows you they are ready for the road again, not afraid of the media.. They were fortunate enough to meet only wonderful people along their way and I hope that they continue to meet the same as they continue their journey throughout Mali..
Foto 2 shows part of our new designer roof.. as Christof and Mareg from Austria could only stay 3 days its all they were able to
achieve….now all we have to do here in Diema is to replicate this 5 times more to achieve a unique and sturdy 45degree angled roof top and then cover with grass..looks beautiful..lets see if we can find the people or volunteers to help us finish it..
Foto 3 Some how we managed a Christmas table and I had kept a few treats for 3 months so I could share them with a few friends..We bought a leg of Mutton…we were lucky..we also had lots of children about 50..come to play football all had bonbons before a good day… !
Foto 4 I went to fetch some salad from one of our market gardens around 11am and this is what I saw en route..a big Croc..not the biggest I must add..he is just basking in the early morning sun…and he roams free along with many just 5 minutes from where we live…!!
Foto 5 Our Austrian visitors are just cleaning up their vehicle before heading out toward Mopti and into the unknown of Mali ..once more

Hope you have a happy new year..
as soon as school begins we will be sending updates on how our 2 OLPC laptops are changing lives in Madiga school..

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