Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 6, 2012

so it was….up and away

Wow! what a jorney we have been on this past 2/3 days..up at 5am yesterday to see if lift was possible..wasnt!! far too we tried again last night…took 6 of us to hold the basket down long enough for the chief Chris to get in.. all a bit too fast for me to get in..and he was away..wonderful sight to on the Internationl crossroads of Mali..fantastic!
!Chris asked if we, Salihou Emilie from Budapest and I would get up again this morning 5am.. we managed to make it and get the balloon ready and finally I fell into the basket..when I looked around we were already up and away..beautiful…these are just a few fotos I took of the crossroads.. will post more later in the day of the bush land surrounding us..
Its a First for Village ventures and a first for Mali…How very special is that!! we are moving forward..even skyward..!!enjoy the fotos

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