Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 5, 2012

All Hot Air..I dont think so….

Wow!! we havent had the amount of visitors we normally this season but those do come are wonderful…for example we have 1 young man who has a radio station in US wanted to record the sounds of mali music for his station so we arranged a couple of small concerts in our villages for him to see our own variation of mali music….its been brilliant…anet to take the shotsd then we have a couple from Derbyshire England who are Hot Air Balloon specialists and came with a balloon..this morning we had hoped to fly high in the sky but the woinds wouldnt allow, so we are going to attempt it again this afternoon.. lets hope I get to take the new arial fotos of our villages and town..will keep you all posted…it will be a first for Village Ventures and hopefully will help place Diema well and truely on the map as the International Crossroads of the country….

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