Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 24, 2012

a people grateful for the help you give them.. A well

A people who are grateful for you for supporting them.. I have said many times mambrooke is one of our poorest villages and that is why we want to suport them as much as possible..
One day the chief told visitors that theya re like animals..not knowing what to do they have always lived in the bush with little outside are in need of help and it seems its
villageventures that is trying to help them the most.. we are grateful to be able to do our best for them..
Here on thse fotos you can see that they too are extremely happy with our efforts and arranged a music concert for us and Myke who came from the radio station in US just to hear and record our local music for his listeners in US..
The well is now at 11 metres and this week are going to cement it..we have to transport cement and and many other requirements 30 kms on rough tracks will post fotos on next blog


  1. Some terrific video from the performance coming to YouTube very shortly! Thank you Pam for your amazing advocacy and tireless work on behalf of the community!

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