Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 25, 2012

Mambrooke Well

yesterday we took 6 visitors to see mambrooke one of the poorest villages 30kms from the main town of Diema..We have 800 in habitants living there..
I chose to show you fotos of the slate that has been hand dug and lifted from this well..At present we are down to 11 metres and dont know how far we have to go to reach water level..But this week we need to cement the inside of the well before it starts to collapse..then we have a local expert who will blast the well 2/3 metres more and see if we then find water …one foto is of one woman taking her donkey and cart loaded with water to water the plants in the garden..
Another is a classroom in the koranic school of Fanguni and the others of our Italian visitors..shocked at what they see here..the
poverty..tears fell freely from one lady as she looked and realised what they have and these people dont have..anything..

These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google.
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