Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 25, 2012

Results from Pams TV Interview

The car Rally from Budapest to Bamako has always bought TV and radio presenters along.. I was interviewed many times.. and 127 countries were able to watch ….scary really for me…!!
Anyway I had contact erly last year from a couple in NEW ZEALAND they said they would be coming to Mali this year and wanted to come do something with Village Ventures..wonderful..After reading all the Negatives about Mali they were alost put of..but we encouraged them and finally yesterday they arrived..Brilliant..
They then told me how they knew of me and this programme..After watching the interview and car rally on TV in New Zealand.. they took my name looked it up on Internet and got onto the website…and contact…WOW!!!! Incredible…

Today they are going to learn how one man in our community makes paints made from clay and grass for batiks..all of our visitors will have the chance to make their own small picture to hang on their wall..Fotos will follow..

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