Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | January 30, 2012

All in a weeks work in Diema

We have lots of visitors coming and going right now which is wonderful for Mali and our local villages in Diem area…
Its important to me that everyone has the opportunity to go and see the poverty for they spread the word of our needs here..
1.This is Inaldo, a young girl left out to sit with the goats.. I so want to get her out of this situation but its impossible..the family wont allow it even though she is not much loved in my opinion..I dont speak the language and to tear her away from people who she knows would be more of a hell for for now I go show the family how important she is to meby giving her gifts holding and showing her as much love as is possible whilst hard to have to sit back and watch though..
2/3.We are now having young children gather the Neem seeds so we can press them and start making our oil and hopefully soap to begin a small cottage Industry..
4.Enroute from mambrooke we picked up these girls walking 6 kms back to town, after trying to raise a little cash selling small hard fruit that all enjoy.
5.A beautiful foto of the suns rays, a reminder that God is watching over all. 6.Even our small boy who is dragging 2 water containers to the well.. He is about 2 years old, trying to do his best to help his mum. 8.Buarry, our local Artist is showing the New Zealanders how to make traditional cloth using only earth, leaves and bark for colouring the cloth..we are ready to sell if you are ready to will help our towns development..intersted..let us know..
9.School time for the Koranic students, 10.they even teach one another on a daily basis.
11. donations given to each students by our Italian visitors.

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