Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | February 24, 2012


We have been a little busy this past 10 days with visitors, finishing the well and searchhing for the SPOT…
What is spot? its a satalite and once activated it can relay info of the exact co-ordinates you are based in at any one time..if you press the correct button.. See the fotos.. a wonderful devise for those travelling throughout Africa.. This is the story of SPOT…we had 2 visitors from Austria came on motorbikes and stayed for 1 week..helped with english lessons for our children who havent had school for more than 2 months..We were very grateful..sad to see them go..later the same day we had a fone call saying they thought they had left something behind..SPOT..we looked everywhere for it couldnt find it..had to tell them it must have been stolen..which was a shame..
After a week they made contact again told us that the satalite had been least buttons had been pressed..they gave me the co ordinates and said it should be about 10/15 Kms from Diema…now to locate it..
I asked Major Moulaye of the Gender marie (Police) to come and help with his GPS..We thought we had found the area (after going 2 times to check)it could be in but how to find it!!!!
The next day Salihou said he would come with we went once more to the same area, only this time we decided to go to all schools and offer a reward..stating that SPOT had fallen from the motorbikes and not stolen…gave us a chance to get it back that way….At the last school the head master asked what was written on top ..I said SPOT…I know that we had found it…Hence the mail we received below a couple of days ago and the fotos..of SPOT RE-UNITED
Now we are detectives as well as ……………………!!
Everyone involved got a small reward for assisting us..cant be guaranteed every time but this time it worked and our friends can now continue their journey on to South Africa..knowing that SPOT will be at their side allowing family to know they are safe and well…

.Feel free to read all contact mails and who knows you may want to urchace a SPOT for your own trip one day…..take care all.

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