Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | February 7, 2012

its cold here also

Sunday night was really cold and we had really high winds,causing the dry sand to fly, creating this mist that we still have this
morning..The temperature dropped by 20degrees so fast everyone is shivering including me…

Still no change for the moment for our childrens schooling in Mali..but salaries for teachers are about to be stopped..then they will have no option but to return to school..we hope..!!
We so want to start our programme for our children with the OLPC laptops but its impossible for the moment..but sooooon

Neem seeds are being gathering by the sack load..all we are waiting for now is for them to be de- hulled so we can take out the oil..a few more days and we will have lift of..

tomorrow I have to go to mambrooke to check on the well
project..cement rings have now been made and I hope to have fotos to post tomorrow..


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